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Customer satisfaction is one of the key factors that defines business success. In an automated world, customers have come to expect that each and every communication should form part of a continuous stream of relevant and personalised ‘conversation’. Customer Relationship Management solutions (CRM or xRM) give businesses the power to use organisational data to add value to the customer experience.

CRM solutions are useful for businesses of any size, and a wide range of solutions are available to meet a variety of organisational needs and budgets. A well structured CRM solution will not only keep track of your customers’ interactions, but will also provide the ability to personalise each customer touch point.

Through CRM, you can be confident your staff will have up-to-date, relevant information at hand when dealing with your customers. This will result in smoother workflow, happier customers, and an outstanding customer experience; all elements that profoundly influence profitability.

The solution 

At Markinson, we believe in assessing your requirements from a CRM system before we recommend the right one for you. More than 25 years of experience has taught us that one size does not fit all. What we have found are several products that suit a wide variety of business requirements. 

By assessing your business, from day-to-day processes to longer-term goals, we are able to tailor a solution for you with functionality specific to your company.

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Sales Force Automation (SAM)

Sales Force Automation (SAM) reduces costs and drives results throughout the entire sales cycle. From strategic management and tactical planning, through to in-store execution, market intelligence and performance analysis, SAM enables strategic management that helps you gain a competitive edge.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

From one of the world leaders in business applications comes a CRM system offering tight integration with existing systems. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to function in tandem with Microsoft Outlook and Office, providing staff with a familiar, intuitive customer intelligence interface.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Every day, companies are turning to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to provide them with a simple and fast option for CRM integration. In partnership with Markinson, you can take advantage of the blueprint for CRM success with no server infrastructure for reduced cost and unmatched Outlook integration for improved adoption and productivity.


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