Microsoft Dynamics CRM


If your organisation currently uses Microsoft Outlook or Office, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a simple and fast option for CRM integration. Because it was designed to work in harmony with these business software applications, implementation is smoother, and users feel instantly at ease in a familiar operating environment. These great features result in a range of benefits including lower training costs, higher productivity, and a rapid return on investment.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a 360 degree customer view, allowing information to be shared and updated throughout every touch point. The system becomes an invaluable tool for your entire organisation, from marketing and sales teams, to customer service and upper management.

Flexibility and Choice

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides choice and flexibility in how you implement and customise your CRM application, ensuring the right fit for your business. What’s more, Markinson can assess, recommend and implement customisations so you can get the most from your CRM solution.

Easy to implement and adapt to changing needs

Built upon reliable, industry-standard technology, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an adaptable, affordable CRM system that fits within your existing technology environment. It is easy to upgrade, move, and extend into new business groups, geographies, and lines of business.

Get started quickly

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to function in tandem with Microsoft Outlook and Office, providing a familiar, intuitive customer intelligence interface. This ensures a faster implementation and greater user adoption across your entire organisation.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Customer Relations Sales Cycle Management
Manage and nurture your customer relationships through easy access to historical data at every touch point. Whether communication takes place via phone, email, Internet or in person, information can be accessed and updated at every point of the process. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a centralised, customisable view of your customer’s preferences, relationships, and activity history to better understand and meet their needs. Optimise your business’ sales performance through solid lead qualification and consistent follow-up processes, coupled with automated lead routing, sales process management, and competitor tracking.
Reporting and Analytics Search Functionality

Identify opportunities and potential issues at a glance, assess market trends and export data into your business intelligence application.

Find the information you’re looking for instantly with advanced database search functionality designed to scour large volumes of customer data quickly and efficiently.

Easy Modification Mobile Support

Give your staff control over the way they view information, whilst retaining a streamlined system. Customised workspaces allow users to create, save, and reuse favourite views of customer data without the distraction of unnecessary information overload.

Provide field workers with instant access to customer data from their personal digital assistant (PDA), laptop, or browser.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be implemented into your business today.

Quick Campaign Wizard Service Scheduling
Implement and measure the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns, and tailor their content to the needs of specific customer groups. Centrally manage all aspects of a service request, from logging and dispatching to tracking and follow-up.


Why choose Markinson?

  • Markinson's delivery model reduces risk by providing the upfront setup, a 'live' proof of concept and a structured approach to accommodate configuration to key business processes.
  • The strength of a team of CRM experts (business, application and technical) to support your ongoing needs.
  • Reduced cost through a collaborative, flexible approach, where we encourage ownership and facilitate knowledge transfer.

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