Ecommerce turns 20 years old: online market for automotive parts continues to explode

With ecommerce celebrating its 20 year birthday milestone recently, it comes as no surprise the online store has evolved to become an incredibly powerful sales tool that is a necessity for most businesses today. According to a NAB report, online sales has increased by 26% and further research from the United States indicate online sales in the automotive aftermarket industry will grow 13-14% per year for the next few years.

The Opportunity

Ecommerce in Australia is considered one of the biggest business opportunities that is expected to grow rapidly. Consider the facts:

  • 94% of the entire population of Australia has access to high-speed Internet. 
  • 60% of Australians go online multiple times a day. 
  • 55% of Australians think that online shopping portals offer lower prices and are more open to buying things online. For businesses, it is difficult to overlook technology that allows them to reach potential new customers and to service existing customers better through online channels.

How can ecommerce help your business

When it comes to addressing the platform for ecommerce, MomentumPro users can access a pre-built solution called WebOnline. WebOnline offers an intuitive shopping experience for the end customer and is loaded with features such as easy parts search and regular shopping lists. WebOnline also offers a customer self-service portal and integrates with MomentumPro to deliver up-to-date stock availability, pricing, purchase history, and account information.

For the automotive parts industry, WebOnline:

  • Offers more than just an automotive parts catalog online – but the ability for businesses to capture orders for automotive parts.
  • Enables the end customer to check parts availability, pricing, purchase history and account information. 
  • Gives businesses the opportunity to reach potential new customers and access the retail customer. 
  • Reduces administrative costs when end customers have a dedicated self-service portal for accessing purchase history, account statements and more. 
  • Automates the ordering process and reduces time spent re-keying orders from faxes/emails and filing. Research reports that manual processing can cost a business more than $60 per order.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Markinson today for a demonstration of WebOnline’s features and capabilities.