QlikView 11 has Landed - The Most Social, Mobile Enterprise-Ready QlikView Ever

Launch larger deployments, create faster, deeper analysis, go social and get more mobile. It’s all yours with QlikView 11.

Features of QlikView 11:

Social Business Discovery

Share data and analysis to better uncover insight and solve business problems. Interpret data, create in-app decision notes, and engage colleagues through in-app threaded discussions.

Mobile Business Discovery

Enhanced multi-touch capabilities on multiple devices including iPhone and iPad.

Enhanced Enterprise Platform Capabilities

Reduced complexity and cost for large deployments. QlikView Publisher now loads documents 40% faster.

Rapid Analytic App Platform

Create powerful, detailed dashboards in a snap. Container objects can now group standalone objects into grids to maximize screen space and create effective layouts.

Comparative Analysis

Benchmark results across any period of time, across multiple tabs, and associate them to easily spot trends and important differences. Gain a whole new view into your business.

The most social, mobile, enterprise-ready QlikView is waiting for you. Contact us today to find our more!