Having grown from a single outlet in 1981, to a national franchise with 46 sites and over 180 employees today, ABS are no strangers to the challenges that come with rapid expansion. Apart from the internal efficiencies needed to run an organisation of this size, replicable processes are essential for efficient roll out of new franchises. Providing sites with easy access to live inventory data within a robust, easily navigable system was top of mind when ABS began their partnership with Markinson in March 2007.

“Being a large organisation with multiple sites, stock control is a mandatory in our business”, says Daniel Stewart of ABS, ‘Markinson worked with us to address this, implementing a customised MomentumPro workflow in November 2007.”

Whilst stock control was obviously a priority, early discussions focused on the bigger picture for ABS, including driving revenue through increased accountability and efficiencies, and facilitating growth through greater control and flexibility within their information system. The Markinson team formulated a recommendation tailored to ABS, utilising MomentumPro with multi-location access, e-gateway, exchange deposits, customer rewards and master view security.

Mr Stewart believes MomentumPro has contributed significantly to the organisation’s bottom line since its implementation. “95% of our operation is reliant on MomentumPro from stock quantities to customer details. The Markinson solution dramatically assists with inventory evaluation on site,” he says.

“The program is very strict with information accountability. Accurate evaluation of stock levels is mandatory as it provides us with live data, flagging under or overstocked lines, which can directly translate into a potential loss of sales,” Mr Stewart says.

“Beyond this, the Markinson team have been, and continue to be extremely proactive every step of the way. They are approachable with ideas, and quick to offer solutions to any issues. They are great to deal with, nothing is too hard.”

The Markinson team is now continuing to work with ABS to customise their MomentumPro solution even further. Mr Stewart notes this ongoing commitment to his business as a major beneift of working with Markinson.

"They are very solutions-focused and happy to discuss incorporating suggestions into future upgrades. They are quick to answer queries, taking any feedback quickly on board. It is an aspect of the relationship we value highly."