Shepparton Motor Panel began operation back in the 1950s as a car repair business. The current ownership acquired the business in 1985 and has since evolved the business focus from cars to trucks. Over the years the business grew through acquisition branching into earthmoving equipment to eventually become the SMP Group. Member subsidiaries include Shepparton Motor Panel, Gleeman Truck Parts, UKW Spares, Universal Truck Wreckers, Coburg Truck Parts and PartsPeek. The group now employs around 100 people, has head offices in Melbourne and Sydney as well as branches Australia-wide becoming a well known name in the earthmoving and truck industries.

The SMP Group expansion through acquisition has brought inevitable challenges to the smooth running of the business. Markinson put forth a solution to help consolidate information held within disparate systems in order to create a unified view along with the development of a dismantling module. 

Neil Hall, SMP Group IT Manager, explains, “Our subsidiaries complement each other in the truck and earthmoving industries. They need to interact with each other on the one system. Site performance and comparisons at all levels are achieved with the Markinson offering. When compared to other providers, the Markinson solution with dismantling capability came up in front. We’re now able to service diverse markets throughout Australia, using one system to report across each of our business entities.”

“Since the implementation of the solution, SMP Group has been able to successfully expand their presence allowing us to easily supply new markets in more locations.,” Mr Hall says

“Servicing our market coverage has improved through the use of wireless technology to access MomentumPro. Our Business Development Managers can now access the system for whatever they need whenever they need it. The solution has enabled us to spread our wings beyond our home base and adapt to market demands by providing the level of flexibility needed to grow the business”.

The Markinson solution for the SMP Group has allowed centralisation of the company’s operations. Mr Hall explains that this ability to “operate multiple entities under one technological roof”, keeps infrastructure costs down, saving hours of precious IT resource every month. From a business perspective, the transparency of information provides a single clear view resolving duplication issues with previous systems.

As the IT Manager for a large organisation, Mr Hall values service very highly. Markinson’s technical services and helpdesk support have never let him down in this area.  “I know whenever we need a person who can just look, understand and resolve issues, Markinson immediately provide the expertise I need. It’s comforting to know I have access to a team who not only understand our solution but know if the system goes down, time is of the essence to find a resolution so we can return to normal operations.”

Going forward, the future for the SMP Group and Markinson partnership is bright. Mr Hall says “the system contains so much functionality, we want to use it to it’s full potential by adapting our business practices to take advantage of it. We are looking forward to the solution expanding and our businesses evolving together”.