Electrical Supplies

With almost 30 years of industry experience, and customers who belong to associations such as the Gemcell Group, Markinson understands what’s important to manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of electrical supplies.

Not only does your business need to effectively and efficiently service customers and fulfil orders, but sales reps need access to real-time product information when they’re working in the field.

In addition to managing the supply chain, today’s electrical distribution software is increasingly called upon to allow eCommerce trading between contractors, as well as electronic data exchange with suppliers and rebate management.

Markinson’s electrical wholesale software solutions allow for online integration, better monitoring of business performance, and increased efficiency through more informed decision making.

Benefits for your business

  • Online supplier and customer integration to reduce cost of sale and improve efficiencies 
  • Real-time visibility of profitability for rebates accrued and claimed with suppliers through our integrated rebates functionality
  • Manage debtors and improve cash flow via automatic alerts and workflows 
  • Improved stock management through greater business intelligence
  • Increase customer-facing sales manager/rep selling time 
  • Easily review and consolidate sales forecast information 
  • Improve project intelligence with greater information sharing across the organisation