BI - Business Intelligence

What is BI

Information is power, and with that power comes the ability to improve performance, create value and co-operate more efficiently. The challenge is getting that power into the hands of the people who can use it, in a form that they can work with.

The BI solution is a complete product suite for your entire reporting, query and analysis needs - designed around role-appropriate access and functionality that ensures both mass usability and powerful functionality.

Smart dashboards

The dashboard interface provides a snapshot of relevant performance details such as transaction alerts, field force accomplishments, sales forecasts and order updates in a simple and easy to understand format.

The display can be tailored to a 360 degree view of different business entities with the ability to combine reports, graphs, drill paths, trend analysis, dials, alerts and KPIs into a configuration that best suits the needs of specific job roles.

Delivered over the web, elements can also be shared with audiences outside the enterprise, including customers and suppliers. Unlike most BI web parts on the market, the dashboards can be created and modified by analysts and power users, not just IT specialists.

Powerful analytics

BI uses a sophisticated wizard approach for building analytics, providing the most powerful capabilities, while at the same time hiding unnecessary complexity from the run-time interface.

Some of the feature highlights include:

  • Dynamic 'Drill-path' enables navigation from any point to point
  • Export to Excel, PDF, CSV and email
  • More than 40 chart types, 200 configurable chart properties and 'Create your own' chart style templates
  • More than 50 time-set, measure and member calculation templates
  • Query monitoring and scheduling
  • 'Find and Replace' handling of cube structure or member changes



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Why Korellus BI?

Be more agile

Facilitating the more efficient use of management time and enabling dynamic corrective actions, Korellus BI takes the immensity out of reporting via individually defined dashboards displaying high level KPIs. The use of trend graphs, dials, scorecards, alerts and exception reporting, monitor and proactively notify you of any potential issues or defined targets.

Leverage existing technologies

Leveraging existing Microsoft technologies, including SQL Server, Analysis Server and SharePoint, Korellus BI provides reliable forward development and low total cost of ownership. The Korellus BI solution can analyse data from any ODBC or Ole-DB compliant source including most operational databases, excel spreadsheets, text files and xml or internet sources.

Increase collaboration

Collaboration and unified analysis is essential when comparing and reporting across the breadth of an enterprise. Measuring and reporting business performance according to agreed, real-world definitions empowers you to focus on making the right decisions, not on trying to interpret the data.

Lower the cost of asking the next question

The real value of Korellus BI is when the end user realises that they are no longer limited to the report they asked for, in the form they requested it; that the cost of asking the next question has been reduced to practically zero; that the questions they never dared to ask are now easily answered. Your business is able to delve and discover new opportunities that would have otherwise been left hidden.

Make smarter and faster decisions

The Korellus dashboard interface provides a snapshot of relevant performance details such as transaction alerts, field force accomplishments, sales forecasts and order updates in a simple and easy to understand format.

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"We put a lot of energy into designing BI as a really good management tool that would give managers a meaningful view of the world. What we created is a system that captures information about where we are directing sales resources and how effective the reps are against that."

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"What we have invested in BI has paid for itself quite comfortably through increased profitability and heightened awareness of profit and working capital management issues. We’ve certainly had a good return on the investment.”

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