TaskCentre - Report and Document Automation

TaskCentre can automate the creation and distribution of business reports therefore eradicating costly employee administration, ensuring compliance and improving data visibility.

Automating scheduled or event-based reports

Stock, financial, sales, customer service and marketing reports are the backbone of any
business. They provide valuable insights into company strengths and weaknesses. However,
these reports can be time consuming to produce and often require data from multiple databases.

TaskCentre can automate the creation and delivery of practically any report enabling managers and decision makers to focus on identifying data insights or opportunities.

Automating everyday documentation

Business documentation can take many forms e.g. welcome packs, contract renewals, order
confirmations or delivery notes. Regardless of the nature of the documentation created, the one constant is the amount of time its takes employees to manually create and send these

The Report and Documentation platform for your business application enables organisations to
automate the creation and delivery of practically any form of documentation. By automating this repetitive employee process organisations can cut costly administration and ensure consistency.

Extending your investment to deliver more

Adding the Report and Document Automation platform to your business application will revolutionise your business but what if you need notifications and alerting, integration or workflow capabilities as well?

TaskCentre eradicates this issue. When you buy the Report and Document Automation platform notifications and alerting come as standard and you can add integration or workflow capabilities to your existing TaskCentre platform.

How does this platform work and what will it do for your organisation? Find out today by booking a demonstration.

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