TaskCentre - Workflow and Human Interaction

TaskCentre provides organisations with a powerful and flexible workflow authorisation solution that ensures business rules are adhered to and administration is removed.

Single level workflow authorisation

Establishing, monitoring and enforcing appropriate workflow authorisation processes within an organisation is critical to company performance. Yet the process of authorising a workflow for many still remains a manually process which is time consuming and error prone.

TaskCentre enables companies to establish automated workflow authorisation processes so
that employees are dynamically presented with the decision. In short, you get 100% piece of mind.

Multi-level workflow authorisation

Sometimes authorisations need more than one authoriser because the subject exceeds a line
managers remit. Unfortunately, this can mean more manual communications being pushed
around the organisation and longer authorisation cycles. This becomes a hindrance to company productivity and performance.

TaskCentre will automatically identify if a workflow authorisation requires approval from
multiple line managers and direct it to the next authoriser for review as and when a preceding authorisation has been given. It will also record a complete audit trail of decisions made.

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