What is eCom

Today's buyers, whether business or consumer, are unpredictable. With convenience and instant fulfilment being more important than ever, if you are not servicing your customers online, they will visit a competitor who can.

With this in mind, those organisations who wish to stay ahead of the competition are continually turning to online shopping technology and embracing round the clock trading in order to broaden sales channels and break down barriers.

With a plethora of eCommerce solutions on the market, the real differentiators lie within the integration capabilities and their capacity to streamline and automate processes for both the buyer and the seller.

Selecting Markinson’s eCom product suite to develop your online sales channels will enable effective, efficient, and secure transactions at any time, day or night. eCom also enables customer self-service whenever it’s convenient for clients, while reducing your administration costs and improving your customer service.

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  • Robust search capabilities

    The eCom solution includes robust search capabilities that help customers to find the products they need quickly and easily, while also granting them access to their own special pricing and stock availability.

  • Advanced B2B functionality

    eCom allows organisations to enjoy advanced B2B functionality through:

    • Self-service quotations
    • Configurable approval processes
    • Customised price books
    • Total customer ERP integration
    • Smarter selling through automation


  • Automation

    With Markinson’s eCom, you automate many processes and significantly reduce the amount of time needed for:

    • Pricing and stock availability requests - customers can access individual real-time pricing and stock availability information 24/7 online.
    • Customer enquiries - customers can 'self-service' these requests to access invoices, statements and order status information online, reducing your customer service resource times.
    • Catalogue builds - uploading automatically and directly from your ERP or supplier data ensures less administration, less chance for errors and a quicker time-to-market for new or updated product information.
    • Suggestive selling - encouraging larger purchases, automated smart selling features help you increase sales. The 'Suggestive Sell' feature highlights direct product substitutes, accessories and prompts purchases though a like-customer purchase behaviour display.
    • Account payments and credit checking - credit card processing with online authorisation is available, reducing the need for customer accounts to be followed up. Credit checking enables orders to be held in the system on credit hold, with alerts to the appropriate manager for action and automatic placement of the order once credit hold is removed.
    • Actioning order requests - eCom places orders straight into your order entry system, eliminating any need for double handling of data, and reducing the chance for errors.
    • Setting up new customer accounts - ERP customer accounts can be automatically created when an eCom access request is approved.


  • Personalised online experience

    eCom makes your customer's online shopping experience unique through secure logins and simple personalisations, including individual profile settings, personalised pricing, fast re-orders and the ability to create 'favourites' listings.