Shopkeeper Mobility

The new mobile sales and stock control solution for Shopkeeper, Shopkeeper Mobility, allows you to seize gain considerable ground against your competitors by allowing 'anytime, anywhere' access to your retail applications.

Offering a consistent user experience to Shopkeeper, Shopkeeper Mobility enhances sales staff productivity to increase customer and employee satisfaction and ensures quick access to relevant customer, product and account information needed in store or in the warehouse.

Cross and Up-Sell Opportunities

Promote slow moving or high profit margin stock by sending an instant promotional update to the home screen sales staff mobile tablet devices.


Retail Mobility uses the same advanced security features found in Shopkeeper Version 8 for easy administration of user restriction to safeguard your valuable data.


Through quick links on the mobile home screen, staff can view comprehensive product details away from the counter, including real-time availability of stock across all locations which can then be transferred and receipted to allow less time spent at the Point of Sale and more time servicing customers. Staff can also access customer contact, delivery and account details including their available credit, account balance, previous invoices and last payment.


Mobile Solutions deliver key enhancements to your broader business processes by freeing up resources usually dedicated to supporting mobile workers.

Cost Effective

Better utilisation of store resources and a high level of staff adoption ensure a rapid return on investment.

Rapid Deployment

At Markinson, we understand the challenges and complexity involved in mobilising employees. To address these challenges, we use industry best practices based on 25 years of retail industry experience to offer a strategic approach to implement mobile solutions to your business. Working with customers across a variety of retail markets, we can implement Shopkeeper Mobility across all tablet devices.

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