Business Intelligence

The fast pace of modern business means managers no longer have the time to trawl through reports and disparate data sources. You need vital information in the hands of the appropriate person now, to enable an efficient, strategic decision making process.

Often the mass of data acquired over time is difficult to interpret into anything meaningful; this is where Business Intelligence from Markinson excels.

BI gives organisations the ability to quickly and easily create, change and publish graphically rich and visually impacting information, while powerful dashboards ensure a timely and simple visualisation of KPIs, so strategic decisions can be made based on solid data and analysis.

Once BI insight takes hold in an organisation it becomes the catalyst for new levels of communication and collaboration. Management becomes proactive and strategic, meetings come alive with fact based discussions, and opportunities are easily identified.

Markinson provides a range of solutions to meet your specific reporting needs and budget, helping you to monitor and track your business' performance.

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