Julian Young, Head of Business Development
I joined Markinson in November and in my role I see myself as more of a trusted advisor helping our customers streamline their business for efficiency.

What I like most about the work I do is building relationships and helping customers achieve greater outcomes. It is here where I am most satisfied as I see the changes that can result in increased efficiency and profitably for them.

My area of expertise in in software, and while I am not a programmer I understand the commercial value of achieving the best possible outcome with the least amount of investment, in both financial input and staffing.

My hobby is buying and listening to LP’s (records) and I have a collection of over 300 of my favourite records. My most prized LP is The Beatles Mobile Fidality Boxed Set.

When finally I am able to travel overseas I will be off to Bali because I love the place and the people. I have been there 21 times so far and due to Covid this is now the longest time I have been away. I am very much looking forward to returning to my ‘happy place’.