TJ, Network and Systems Administrator
I go by the name TJ because my Africana name is hard for many to pronounce, and TJ has just stuck over the years.

What I like most about the work I do is working on a new task with teams to resolve it and making sure the system is up and running and working to capacity.

Since starting at Markinson in September I have been busy deploying the Microsoft team and moving away from Slack. It is great working with the team and it’s a good feeling when we find a solution and it works.

My area of expertise is as a network architect specialist and an achievement that I am very proud of is, in my consultancy business in South Africa, I was the first person to create the G27 application that ran on voice CODEX. This application enabled wireless calls to be made to anyone in South Africa, and is still used today by VOX Telecommunications and Atlantic Internet Services.

I am a real family man and look forward every evening getting home to spend time with my lovely 7 and 2 year old daughters. We play games every night often in our big yard where we have swings and a trampoline. I also enjoy sitting with them as they build things which helps improve their motor skills. Each night before bed we have bible study and I enjoy watching them fall asleep. On weekends we often go to Wellington Point which we all look forward to.