With Front Office Base already delivered, we are now progressively working on updates for the Front Office Sales module, expanding the sales capability within Front Office.

 Newly released features for Front Office Sales include:

  • Sales Processing expansion
    • New functionality has been developed in Front Office to expand the capability within the Sales Processing program, including streamlined workflow for managing sales across multiple customer delivery sites and multiple warehouse supply locations.
  • EFTPOS Integration
    • The Front Office Sales Processing program has been enhanced to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of modern EFTPOS terminals via Linky API.
  • Google API Integration
    • Front Office programs supporting street address entry have been enhanced to utilise the Google Maps API to provide automatic address completion and suggestion.
  • Site Themes
    • Front Office now supports separate application themes so that users may visually differentiate between Production and Test instances of the application.

See our latest product release notes for more information. We are continuing to expand capability within Front Office to encompass key functions in the sales process. As a preview of what is in the pipeline for the near future, our team is currently working on the following features.

  • Price overrides
    • New handling is being introduced to Front Office to support authorisation levels for price overrides, including selection of optional override reason codes.
  • Lost sales
    • Capability within the Front Office Sales Processing program is being developed to capture lost sales when product sale lines are removed, or a sale is cancelled.
  • Order Commitments
    • Functionality to create supplier purchase orders for the supply of backordered product sale items is being implemented within Front Office.

If you have any questions or queries on any aspect of these new updates or any other aspect of MomentumPro please contact our support team.