Are ineffective systems
losing you business?

Your customers demand that you have a solution to their needs at your fingertips. Or risk losing their business. The automotive wholesale industry is facing enormous challenges with the loss of product knowledge as older team retire leaving new team struggling to find solutions.

This means more than knowing if a part is in stock; it is about having streamlined wholesale business solutions that can manage and monitor every aspect of your business both operational and strategic. It means being able to say to your customers each and every time; we can help you with that.

A system that can do this, can give you a competitive advantage that can grow your business, and build your reputation. 

It also means your teams are more effective, as many tasks can be automated therefore freeing them up to provide better service to your customers.

For mid-market automotive wholesalers the right business solution requires consolidation of key business functions; including managing and monitoring sales, service, marketing, finance, stock control, and customer orders all with a single solution. 

A successful automated system should:

  • Simplify the management and distribution of stock across multiple locations;
  • Know when customer demand is changing; 
  • Capture knowledge and help to retain your best people;
  • Have flexibility when sourcing alternate product solutions;
  • Automate regular data updates, such as price changes and stock reordering; 
  • Improve your cashflow by identifying slow moving and obsolete stock; and
  • Address supplier issues and opportunities.

Having this intelligence at your fingertips can place you ahead of your competitors and unlock your future potential.

MomentumPro can provide streamlined solutions to your unique business challenges. Gain confidence and scalability with this proven robust solution.

MomentumPro is a single platform designed for mid-market wholesale businesses to streamline, consolidate, and automate key business functions. The system is adaptable to your business requirements, and is available in a range of flexible delivery options to suit your business needs and budget.

The team at Markinson work closely with your team and industry to ensure MomentumPro can address your immediate business challenges, as well as delivering on your future potential so you can achieve consistent and sustainable growth.

MomentumProERP Additional Functionality Brochures  

MomentumPro is delivered within five unique key business solutions:

Often business operations contain disparate silos of people, information and systems. This misalignment can breed poor communication, misinformation, and departmentalised or one-sided decisions. It may also mean that valuable information unique to your intellectual property (IP) is lost as people leave the organisation.

Why MomentumPro?
Our system maximises organisational collaboration by capturing information and knowledge on a single platform. The platform is shared via approved access meaning best practice is maintained, all your team are informed, and IP is secure. MomentumPro becomes the backbone for the operation of your whole business.

Employing members of your team to perform rudimentary manual tasks is an ineffective use of their time, slows down processes, and can often result in frustration. Not to mention simple mistakes that can severely impact customer experience. Streamlining your business processes through automation can help your business to focus on building and sustaining a competitive edge rather than managing the day-to-day processes.

Why MomentumPro?
The Markinson team works with you and your team to identify, define, deliver and automate the repetitive daily tasks that take place in your organisation. These may include automation of your ordering and re-ordering; banking reconciliation; stock rotation; stock control; price management and customer campaigns. Leave your team free to work in the more valuable and interesting areas of the business.

Making the right decision in a timely manner can mean the difference between winning and losing a sale or worse, a customer. Real time dynamic reporting and analysis capabilities assist in providing insight that directs decision making today. This insight then strategically positions you for the future.

Why MomentumPro?
The MomentumPro integrated system provides total visibility of your entire business when you need it. You will have the information to respond to customer demand, minimise obsolete stock, better manage distribution, cashflow and so much more. This means you and your team can keep their ‘finger on the pulse’ with realtime financial insight capabilities so you can pivot when needed. Make quicker better informed decisions and react efficiently to customer’s expectations by remaining relevant to changing market demands.

Your mid-level wholesale business is growing resulting in a larger customer base; new products ranges; and/or increasing pressure on stock control. This growth may result in employing more team members, or adding new sites. However if systems can’t scale with your growth it will limit your bottom line.

Why MomentumPro?
The flexible nature of MomentumPro means that ‘out of the box’ there are many easily scalable functions that can be leveraged as your demand increases. Additionally you will find that many tasks can be automated saving you the added cost of having to put on new team members as you grow. Adding in specific additional modular functionality is another way to scale out your operation with MomentumPro. This gives you the confidence that you are supported by a team and a system that can easily scale up as you do.

Understanding both your customers and their ever changing demands and increasing expectations is key to business success. If your customers aren’t receiving a premium experience each and every time, you risk them looking elsewhere. Knowing that you can over deliver at every touch point is the difference between retaining a loyal customer base and creating advocates for your business.

Why MomentumPro?
With data located on a single platform your people have shared knowledge providing insights for your customers. This allows your teams to be more customer focused, building relationships, and having a focus on solutions rather than problems. Best of all you can track responsiveness
and the changing demands of your customers.