TaskCentre - Notifications and Alerts

Business applications hold a wealth of critical information yet organisations still rely on
employees to manually monitor and react to data changes. This manual approach is prone to errors and is an inefficient use of employee time.

The Notifications and Alerts platform resolves these issues by adding these capabilities to your business system. This reduces your exposure to financial risk, improves company performance and ensures 100% visibility of critical information.

Real-time notifications that meet your needs

Having the right information at the right time can often be the difference between success and failure. Yet despite investment in business management software organisations still rely on staff to monitor and react to data changes within business applications e.g. stock levels.

TaskCentre can dynamically monitor you applications for key data changes (to your business rules) and send email or SMS alerts to internal and external recipients when required.

Alerts with your management rules built in

Automatically sending a business alert or dashboard notification to an employee, customer or supplier can be of huge benefit. But what if that business alert or notification is ignored by the recipient or the recipient is on annual leave?

TaskCentre’s Notifications and Alerts platform facilitates multi-recipient, escalation capabilities so that notifications and alerts adhere to your exact management rules. Line managers or department heads can all receive escalations when a notification or alert has not been acted upon. This capability provides managers and business owners with complete piece of mind.

Extending your investment to deliver more

Adding the Notifications and Alerts platform to your business system will revolutionise your business but what if you need document automation, integration or workflow capabilities as well?

TaskCentre eradicates this issue. When you buy the Notifications and Alerts platform you can quickly add document automation, integration or workflow capabilities to your existing TaskCentre installation.

How does this platform work and what will it do for your organisation? Find out today by booking a demonstration.

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