TaskCentre - Data Integration and Synchronisation

Organisations that run an ERP solution may also use other web based or on premise applications but the lack of integration and between these multiple systems can cause significant productivity issues, errors and repetitive rekeying.

The Data Integration and Synchronisation platform resolves this issue by automating the
flow of data between your ERP system and practically any other web based on on-premise application.

Integrating all in-house software applications

Aside from an ERP solution you may run a plethora of solutions e.g CRM, eCommerce or a
bespoke application but the lack of connectivity between these systems can cause significant
business inefficiency and competitive weakness.

TaskCentre provides organisations running an ERP solution and other applications with a single and affordable data integration platform to connect systems, departments and people. In short, it removes data bottlenecks and repetitive rekeying.

Integration with business partner applications

All business transactions with trading partners will ultimately result in the transfer of data. It could take the form of a .xml file transfer or simply an order being received. Regardless of the type and nature of the data you are often required to integrate this with an ERP solution or pass data to trading partner systems. This is both time consuming and costly for staff to process.

Through the Data Integration and Synchronisation module organisations can integrate data passed from other applications e.g. EDI files with their ERP solution. Furthermore, this module can push data to external business applications.

Extending your investment to deliver more

Adding data integration and synchronisation capabilities to your applications will revolutionise your business but what if you need notifications, document automation or workflow capabilities as well?

The Data Integration and Synchronisation platform comes with alerting and document automation capabilities as standard and you can purchase workflow capabilities. In short, you can extend your platform inline with your needs.

How does this platform work and what will it do for your organisation? Find out today by booking a demonstration.

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